“Everyone wears masks to hide their identities, all are sworn to never reveal what they have seen, and no-one knows what’s on the agenda until they turn up…”
Read Tim Cornwell’s feature article in The Scotsman.

“It’s a club so secret that no notes are taken at its meetings, no records made and members are asked not to discuss the details of what they have seen – and yet tickets for its latest event sold out within hours.”
Read Sue Gyford’s feature in the Edinburgh Evening News.

“Ceremonial handshakes, bottom-spanking initiations and goat sacrifices…..”
Read Jay Richardson’s piece in The List.

“The Edinburgh Secret Society is fast becoming the talk of the town…..”
Read about us in Edinburgh Spotlight.

“Would you consider yourself to be of a curious disposition? and can you keep a secret? Remember, “the king cannot be saved, the king cannot make custard”…
Read Vikki Jones in the Edinburgh International Science Festival Blog.

Although we rarely speak to the media about the Society, journalists interested in reporting our work are encouraged to email us at

r.wiseman AT
peter.lamont AT

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