The Walter Scott Seance


Hi there!

Richard here.  Just a quick note to say that I will be previewing a new Edinburgh attraction in June!

It’s called The Walter Scott Seance, and will take place at the historic and gorgeous Signet Library in the heart of Old Town.

For each performance a small number of guests will be invited to The Signet Library and shown to a secret chamber that’s rarely open to the public.  This intimate book-lined room contains a number of Sir Walter Scott’s personal possessions and other historically significant items, and is said to be haunted.

During the show you will discover the life of Scott, and his fascination with the strange and uncanny. And then, as the chamber darkens, we invite the spirit of Scott to join us.  But fear not, this is a fun-filled show of magic and mystery. A unique, exclusive and immersive experience.

Performances last 50 minutes and are strictly limited to just 30 seats. Tickets will be just £10 (preview price).

Preview performances will be on 4th & 18th June at 1.30pm & 3pm.

Tickets will go on sale at exactly 7pm on Thursday 18th May on this site.



9 Responses to “The Walter Scott Seance”

  1. Deryck Henley Says:

    Just a though. My friend John Nichol is an actor and is often hired by Abbotsford and The Old Selkirk Courts (where Scott was Sheriff) to be Sir Walter Scott. He’s very good if you need a Sir Walter…
    It would really scare the pants off everyone !

  2. Sam Says:

    Could do 15.00. not 13.30. would be cool cool cool

    On 16 May 2017 at 22:25, The Edinburgh Secret Society wrote:

    > Richard Wiseman posted: “Hi there! Richard here. Just a quick note to say > that I will be previewing a new Edinburgh attraction in June! It’s called > The Walter Scott Seance, and will take place at the historic and gorgeous > Signet Library in the heart of Old Town. For eac” >

  3. spiritualascensionbog Says:

    Sounds just great Richard, I hope I am lucky to get a ticket for 18th June. I am pretty psychic so this appeals very much to me. Plus a proud Scot and what a fitting tribute to the amazing legendary Sir Walter Scott. Excited. Can I pay by Paypal for a ticket please? Carol from Leith.

  4. Liz Kane Says:

    Hi – we would love to go, but one of us is in a wheelchair. Before we attempt to get tickets, would the venue and event be accessible? Thanks.

    • Richard Wiseman Says:

      Hi – we are really sorry but due to the location of the room, it is not wheelchair accessible as yet. Apologies.

  5. Liz Kane Says:

    Too bad. It’s tough to see your shows when one is in a wheelchair..

  6. Liz Kane Says:

    and thanks for the reply.

    • Ally Says:

      idk, I know that his cody loves him so much T__T ther2#8&17;ye like a family in Made-M. I dont want him to change his cody, I just wish that cody would see what suits Jangwoo better /_\\and omg I still cant visit the blog. I’m replying from some strange place, not even sure that this comment will show up >.<

  7. mumabear2015 Says:

    I bought 2 tickets for the 3pm on Sunday 18th show, but haven’t received tickets or have any email. The money is showing as having been taken from PayPal on 18th. Can you please advise? I’ve also sent this message through Facebook. ThanksHilary 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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