Fringe time!


Richard here.  A big thank you to everyone who came along to our last few events.  As you may have noticed, it is Fringe time again and so I thought I would highlight a few shows that you might enjoy.

First, I am performing ‘And the goat remained a goat‘, with musicians The Creative Martyrs (‘darker than the inside of a bowler hat’) at 5pm in the Voodoo Rooms.  Based on the real-life adventures of 1930s psychic investigator Harry Price, there will be prestidigitation, creepy music, rare film footage, and paranormal happenings. Here is a photo of the show from our Secret Society preview…


Second, psychologist pal Rob McIntosh is presenting ‘Bizarre Bodies‘, a fun talk on the how your brain represents your body: how you know what size and shape you are, and where you are in the world. There will be bodily illusions and other corporeal phenomena. It is not aimed at children, but curious kids of 10 and up should get something from it. Anatomy Lecture Theatre, 2-3 pm, 7th & 8th August.

Finally, two Secret Society supporters are presenting their shows.  Fab comedy magician Pete Firman is here with Trickster, and gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo will be performing Showman.  Do try and catch them, they are great.

We have lots more Secret Society events planned for 2014, so look forward to seeing you soon.

Photo by Gordon Rutter.


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