Well, that was quite a night….


DSC_0167Thank you all so much for coming along last night.  Much fun was had by all, and we have heard that both donkeys are now out of intensive care.

Anyway, huge thanks to our performers… the amazing Richard McDougall, the insanely talented Creative Martyrs, and remarkable Arthur T. Benjamin. Also, a big thank you, as ever, to front of house team Caroline and Paula, and photographers Alison and Gordon.

We also had a little competition last night, with members Ana and Renata drawing a famous person and the audience trying to guess who they had drawn.  Here are their drawings…can you guess who they are?



Finally, the Edinburgh International Magic Festival rolls into town very soon, and they have got some great performers, so please support them.

So, if you came last night, did you have a good time?  And if you weren’t there, can you identify our two celebrity drawings?


8 Responses to “Well, that was quite a night….”

  1. Moray Says:

    Maggies Thatcher and one of the Hinese Terracotta Soldiers!

  2. Alison Says:

    Really fun night but my jacket still reeks of sulphur. Phew!

  3. Hil Says:

    Thatcher and Presley and I’m fed up with the tickets to these events going on sale while I’m at work and missing out. 😦 Can the next lot be sold on a Saturday pretty please 🙂

  4. HoneyPunk Says:

    Thanks for another great event – we particularly enjoyed giving the Creative Martyrs our bums

  5. EdinBlogger Says:

    Iron Lady and The King – must get tickets next time.

  6. A Society Member Says:

    Words can’t describe the event.

  7. Jeff Sanders Says:

    Great evening! Enjoyed the maths, martyrs and magic. And the flying monkeys.

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