Curious happenings


Well, that was quite a night.

We had the spinning Diablo of death and dynamic drumming from Ewan Michael Riley and Pawel Orzechowski.  You can experience more of Ewan’s amazing work here and Pawel’s demonic drumming here.

Then psychological illusionist Derek Heron showed each and everyone of us how to transform a humble napkin into a rose.

On top of that we had a lesson in the dark arts of the Tarot, and a demonstration of Scotland’s only surviving flea circus (for those that have been emailing in, Sampson is fine).

And our star turn, fab gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo stunned the crowd by taking his clothes off, and whipping a tablecloth off and on.

Re our secret announcement, we just heard that Plan A isn’t going to be happening, but worry not, Plan B is already in motion.

Thanks for coming along and feel free to tell us how it was for you.

Photos: Gordon Rutter.


8 Responses to “Curious happenings”

  1. Helen Jamieson Says:

    I was lucky enough to get a ticket from a firend for this show and it was such a wonderful surprise. well done for enteriianing us non stop!

  2. Helen Jamieson Says:

    Obviously so entertained I need new glasses…………OOps!

  3. John Hannah Says:

    Excellent night…looking forward to the next one.

  4. Sue K Says:

    Thank you for a awesome night out. My jaw is still aching from smiling start to finish! Oh, and PLEASE explain the king custard conundrum as it’s driving me mildly batty.

  5. neil black Says:

    Wish it wasn’t so difficult to get tickets to events – they go live at a time when most people are working and sell out within minutes. Unfair to those of us not chained to a PC.

  6. Cath R Says:

    It was my first event – loved it – thank you. But I too didn’t understand the king custard thingy!!

  7. Morven Robertson (@morvenna21) Says:

    Really great event! Look forward to the next one as always! Just wish I had been on the receiving end of Pete’s tarot cards! 😉

  8. Eve Says:

    I was sitting in car in traffic and saw the society, I wondered what it was, it had on its doors something about Lemon curd, that was enough for me to be interested in finding out what this place was.Can some tell me???

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