Test post


Good afternoon.  This is a test post from the Edinburgh Secret Society.  Sorry to bother you, but we had to test something.  However, while we have your attention, we thought that we would announce that the next event will be on the 12th June.  More details to follow very soon.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t click here.

Finally, here is a photograph of a taxidermy dog.  It was brought to our attention by Paula, and we thought it might improve your afternoon.



11 Responses to “Test post”

  1. Fiona-Jane Says:


  2. John Brett Says:

    Down the rabbit hole we go

  3. Jacqui Low Says:

    That is one surprised dog… Obviously didn’t see the end coming!!!

  4. 'topher Says:

    …how does he smell? or taste for that matter

  5. nefertiti Says:

    The dog’s tongue is a mesmerising shade of kitsch pink…I did not click on the “here”

  6. Julie Macleod Says:

    Is it just me or can anyone else see the similarity to basil brush? What’s that about..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant…….I’d had a grotty day and now I’m smiling……actually…..Grinning….Thanks.
    PS are there any events betwixt June 28th and July 6th, I’m in Edinburgh then…… and that was before I knew it was the Magic Festival!!!

  8. Jooj Says:

    Sorry , hadn’t realised I’d be anonymous….Jooj x

  9. Rev. Pierre, D.D., Universal Life Church Says:

    Praise Dog, Thor and Ahuri Mazdi.
    I am not really a sinner for I can resist anything except temptation.
    The Rev.

  10. Jane Proudman (@JaneProudman) Says:

    Ha ha, excellent all round! I am happy now

  11. Paula Says:

    That dog never fails to impress me.

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