It’s all about you…..


Good morning.  Richard and Pete here.

Throughout 2012 we will be staging many more strange and unusual events.  However, we are curious about you, and what you can do – perhaps even get you involved in some way …

Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, make people laugh, or otherwise engage and entertain an audience?

Or could you talk for a few minutes about a topic that is dear to your heart (no matter how strange or obscure), such as the history of Edinburgh, what makes for great art, exposing the scams used by second hand car salesmen, the truth about flea circuses – you know, that sort of thing?

Or perhaps you have a secret skill and are happy to share your expertise, by explaining how to make the ideal easy meal for four, or the best cocktail, how to demonstrate the lost art of napkin folding, show how professionals hang wallpaper, or how to train a dog … or a goldfish?

Or perhaps you run a venue, restaurant or shop and are interested in becoming involved in an event?

Either way, don’t be shy.  We would love to hear from you and explore ways of working together.  In the first instance simply drop us a line


One Response to “It’s all about you…..”

  1. Steve Dworman Says:

    Richard, great post….

    Here’s a teenage girl you should absolutely secure in any way possible.

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