2012 events

Top Secret Show – 17th August – SOLD OUT

Thank you for coming along last night.  It was quite an evening.  We had fab magic, amazing sleight of hand, surprisingly dangerous hula-hooping, very funny stuff, cutting-edge plate juggling, lovely melodies, a silly portrait competition, and breath-taking shadowgraphy.

Many thanks to our performers: Pete FirmanPaul WilsonDanny Buckler, Lisa Lottie,  Helen Arney,  Matt Ricardo and Paul Dabeck. Please do support their shows.

Our resident snapper, Gordon Rutter, was there to capture the action and we hope that his photographs will bring back some happy memories.



A Cabinet of Curiosity – 12th June – SOLD OUT

Well, that was quite a night.

We had the spinning Diablo of death and dynamic drumming from Ewan Michael Riley and Pawel Orzechowski.  You can experience more of Ewan’s amazing work here and Pawel’s demonic drumming here.

Then psychological illusionist Derek Heron showed each and everyone of us how to transform a humble napkin into a rose.

On top of that we had a lesson in the dark arts of the Tarot, and a demonstration of Scotland’s only surviving flea circus (for those that have been emailing in, Sampson is fine).

And our star turn, juggler Mat Ricardo stunned the crowd by taking his clothes off, and whipping a tablecloth off and on.

Photos: Gordon Rutter.


An Evening of Weird Secrets – 2nd March  – SOLD OUT

Thanks to everyone who camealong last night.  We had many a weird secret imparted, including how to defend yourself with a handkerchief, how to breed hedgehogs, and how to create the perfect make-over.  We have also now fixed the sign outside The Counting House.  Lots of people have asked for links to our various star performers and here they are:

Our secret juggler, Alex Peddie, was from theTollcross State Circus

Martial Artists Phil and Ian are instructors at the Black Boar Swordsmanship School

Vintage hair stylists Ariana and Emma help run the Miss DixieBelle retro chic boutique

Our make-up artist was the amazingly talented Jak Morgan

Origami artist and skeptic Richard Saunders was the man showing everyone how to make a paper fox (and is giving a talk at the Beehive tonighthere)

The fearless hedgehogs wranglers were Laura and Rebecca fromEdinburgh Hedgehogs

Performing the amazing LED diablo routine was Ewan Riley accompanied by the djembe playing Pawel, also from Tollcross State Circus.

Professional genealogist Marie Dougan gave a great talk about Pete’s link to one of the world’s greatest astronomers.

And mixing the perfect cocktail was Mikael Vejdemo Johansson (who, in his spare time, examines ‘efficient computation of invariants and structures in homological algebra’).

As ever, our thanks to Caroline, Paula and Gordon.  Hope you enjoyed the night and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Photos: Gordon Rutter.

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