The Lafayette Seance


First, many thanks to the 500 members that came along to The Lafayette Seance at the Festival Theatre.  We hope that you had an interesting and entertaining time.  Part of the evening involved a live webcast.  Although the quality of the webcast wasn’t perfect, we thought that you might enjoy watching the first five minutes so that you can see how it all looked to the people watching online…..

Also, Naomi kindly sent us this image from the event…..

Some may wish to believe that we did indeed conjure up the spirit of Lafayette, and that he chose to make his presence known by appearing as several little balls.  Others may think that the final word in the previous sentence is a better description of that explanation.  Either way, it is a fun photograph.  Feel free to post your comments about the evening, and do say if you experienced anything weird and unusual that historic night…..

Finally, to order ‘The Death and Life of The Great Lafayette’ by Ian Robertson and Gordon Rutter, click here


11 Responses to “The Lafayette Seance”

  1. Jackie Kane Says:

    You are a naughty man, Mr Wiseman.

  2. edinburger Says:

    I was there – really fantastic evening for just a fiver – Encore!

  3. Bletherskite Says:

    Had a great time and so did my friend who I persuaded to come along to have a different kind of evening. At first she wondered what the hell she had got herself into but by the end she was well into the spirit – ahem – of things.

    Funnest part of the evening – Peter Lamont being pelted with blue missiles and a grumpily sarcastic & cute piano playing teddy bear.

    Any chance of seeing the rest of the seance webcast or even the last few mins?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A top nights entertainment. Thankyou Mr Wiseman! And was there confirmation of the survival of the spirit? Well, thats a secret! (The clue’s in the name dummy!)

  5. susan Says:

    The’ balls’ are spirit lights, a well known phenomena which indicate the presence of spirit energy.

  6. chuffythehorse Says:

    Excellent and thoroughly fascinating evening! I particulary enjoyed the mechanical bear.

  7. Sean Wilson Says:

    What a great evening! Thanks for the entertainment and the interesting facts about the life of Lafayette.

  8. Pauline Wilson Says:

    What a bloody good night!! Every Secret Society evening just gets better and better, a good time to be had by all 🙂

  9. Pete Barnett Says:

    Really enjoyed learning about lafayette from the experts. Was surprised by the picture that came across of a very caring, ethically aware man. Loved animals, campainged against vivisection and made sure his own staff had decent living arrangements.
    It was a great night with some very odd surprises!
    As Helen Duncan would say, “gravo!”

  10. Sarah Says:

    Great and thoroughly interesting evening! Can’t believe how little I knew about the great lafayette and the fire of 1911. Yet again, another entertaining edinburgh secret society.

  11. Spooky, Spooky Do! « The Antihippy Says:

    […] a few events to mark his death, including a show by Paul Daniels, but your correspondent joined the Secret Society to for an evening of spookiness.  I had a great time though I am sad to admit that I didn’t […]

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