The Experiment!


Our thanks to the 300 people that came along to The Experiment last night.  As ever, we cannot say very much about what actually happened, but we are prepared to report that it involved a horse named Chuffy, a woman that hurt easily, and a great deal of yum yum.  The Experiment went well, and most participants survived.  If you were there, feel free to describe how you felt and your favourite part of the evening.

Also, just to remind you that our next event will be repeated twice – on the 12th & 21st April.  We anticipate a great deal of fun being had by all.  More details next week.

Photograph: Gordon Rutter.


8 Responses to “The Experiment!”

  1. BROCK! Says:

    Glad to hear Chuffy is on the mend after his narrow escape with the glue factory. I was very worried about “whatsisname” and “the kids” but that’s because I am just a woman, with a brain, who hurts.

  2. fabien Says:

    It was SO terrifying! Poor women…

  3. david Says:

    Do you think the real horror was supposed to be the final scene, the breakdown of a strong man? That is, such horror now wants to scare the audience with the fearsome thing, but then the horror comes of watching stiff-lipped Englishmen succumb to terror?

  4. Di Brown Says:

    Yum Yum! and Coffee!!

  5. Rich Dyson Says:

    Where can I get the receiver that gets porn channel 1 on Jane Asher’s left boob and porn channel 2 on her right one.. Surely after 40 years, it must exist now….

  6. dcairns Says:

    Having seen this before I wasn’t expecting to be scared, but what I got from it was the horror of the early seventies, where the one really sensitive character finds life insupportable because of the really horrible, crummy men surrounding her. Which is kind of scary.

  7. Andy Notherthing Says:

    As a man I clearly was not scared but it was a little distressing to watch the little women (who hurt) cling on to the walls as they stumbled in terror.

    and the fashions…so much beige nylon in one location must have generated kilowatts in static

  8. ayeball Says:

    Olympic standard wall-clinging throughout – modern thespians take note.

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