Self-improvement at the Secret Society


Our thanks to everyone who came along to our two evenings on self-improvement.  Unfortunately, because we are a Secret Society, we aren’t at liberty to say what happened.  However, we are prepared to divulge that it involved a large amount of fish, a monkey dressed as a rabbit, and everyone chanting the word ‘custard’.

As you can see from the photographs, we have managed to keep the identities of all participants a mystery.  Our thanks to the Secret Society’s resident photographer Gordon Rutter for recording the event.

If you are interested in hearing about future events, please join the Society by adding your email address in the box on the right.  If you were actually there feel free to comment on your personal highlight of the evening (but remember not to give too much away).

Our next event will take place on Friday 18th February. We don’t want to say too much at this stage, but the event will be on a much larger scale and explore the darker side of the human psyche.


4 Responses to “Self-improvement at the Secret Society”

  1. Frankiecarlyle Says:

    Well, I am looking forward to the 18th Feb. Please can you give me the ‘prod’ when bookings are being sent through the ether? Or do I have to know the secret handshake first? I will go away and busy myself with the tarot cards meanwhile……

  2. Bletherskite Says:

    Amazing night again. Now I’ve been branded with the mark of the society I presume an email alert will not be necessary for future events – I will just be compelled by a mysterious force to turn up. Highlight of last night (apart from that thing with the custard which was disgusting but also strangely sexy, must try it at home) was hearing that the goat from the inaugural night was recovering well – I was worried!

  3. Steven Says:

    Another great night.

    I’ve lost 12 stone in less than 24 hours, it’s incredible.

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