Inaugural Meeting Of The Secret Society


Our inaugural event turned out to be quite an evening.  We sold all of the tickets within just a few hours and even blizzard conditions didn’t prevent a full house.  Our thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather to take part.

The evening involved several very rude optical illusions, revealed the link between the FBI and the world’s greatest hoax, and members witnessed the closest thing to genuine mind-reading that they will ever see.  We also produced the Society motto ‘The king cannot be saved, the king cannot make custard’.  Alas, we cannot say any more about it since, as this photo shows, our members (whose identity must be preserved) have sworn us
to secrecy.  Our thanks to photographer Gordon Rutter for recording the event.

If you are interested in hearing about future events, please join the Society by adding your email address in the box on the right.

If you were actually there, and only you know who you are, feel free to comment on your personal highlight of the evening (but remember not to give too much away).

22 Responses to “Inaugural Meeting Of The Secret Society”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that was an amazing evening! How do you get so many dancing bears in one room?

  2. Wouldn't you like to know... Says:

    Never mind the dancing bears (which were awesome but the swimming horses were better), I can’t believe they’ve put up what must be the only two pictures where we aren’t all naked!

  3. Col Says:

    I cannot believe they managed to pull off the Indian rope trick. In the middle of the Voodoo Rooms! The girl just vanished. I’ve never seen anything like it. Does anyone know how it was done? I’ve tried Googling, but no luck so far…. I’ve just got to know…

  4. Bletherskite Says:

    For me the highlight (apart from the wonderful freedom of being naked in a room full of strangers) was when they showed us how to….well I can’t really say…but you know the bit with the bunsen burner and the raw materials, I mean I never thought you could have used that as part of the thing and who would have imagined if you added that other thing, I mean it’s a foodstuff for goodness sake and then when the put it together and added a drop of that oozy stuff and made……..well dammit they made GOLD!!!!!

    • Bletherskite Says:

      Oops! Think I may have given too much away, there are now two sinister figures in hooded cloaks and masks hanging about outside my office – but no-one else seems to see them – Awrk!

  5. fabien Says:

    The naked rhododendron was… amazing.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I will never look on a woman’s elbow in quite the same way again,Thank you so much for enlightening me.

  7. Colin Says:

    Fantastic fun! I’m still not convinced it was all legal, but if you say so! Highlight was when I blanked out and woke up wearing someone else’s pants.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    “Rex can non emerge servo , rex can non paro in locus “

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Rex can non emerge servo , rex can non paro in locus custardia

  10. Red Masque Says:

    I’m still trying to wash the custard out of my hair.

  11. annonymouse Says:

    fab evening but will you do the levitating sausage trick next time ?

  12. The Jung Pretender Says:

    Great night, really enjoyed it. My favourite part was using the skills I learned to not go mental and kill people when I couldn’t get home to Glasgow. I used the time well, mentally preparing for how to coerce my boss to give me a raise next time I see him. Though it might be easier for me to do it by playing telephone..

  13. SomeSecretPerson Says:

    Great night, thanx a lot. Still cannot figure out, how I got the tattoo on my back. Anyway, my fav part was probably Richard W. sticking a needle in my friend’s palm. Brilliant! However, the part I did’t like was Richard sticking a needle in my palm. It still hurts. And it’s still there.

  14. I'm not telling Says:

    Thanks for an amazing evening! The white elephant, peacocks and the tiger was a lovely touch, although I’m not sure how you made them all fit in the rather small venue. Probably something to do with Indian rope and criminal profiling.

  15. Dalradian Says:

    my hair is still a nice shade of green. Interesting fashion statement for the office!

  16. Cam Says:

    I have never sung happy birthday to a lion before but god damn it im going to try it now!

  17. Stuart Ritchie Says:

    That poor goat…

  18. Bernard Pierre Says:

    I could not attend as my salary as a volunteer teacher in rural Thailand limits the completions my desires for extravagances. Next year, I expect RW to levitate me to Edinburgh. As an aside, I will never think of Edinburgh the same way again.
    I am now seriously contemplating starting my own local Secret Society, here, in 2554, and you are all invited. I thought of commencing in 1432 but I did not want to offend Richard by predating his creation.

  19. ac mcgowan Says:

    I just discovered your site. Can you tell me more about your group
    in the UK. I’m in the USA. Pardon me if this is by invitation only.

  20. Joe Says:

    ac mcgowan, “The king cannot be saved, the king cannot make custard”

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